The 12 Best Recipes From Chrissy Teigen’s Cookbooks


There are a few themes you’ll see on Chrissy Teigen‘s social media feeds. You’ll see the model, TV host, and cookbook author ribbing her husband John Legend, gushing over her adorable kids, and sharing every step as she tests recipes for her best-selling cookbooks. It takes about two seconds of watching one of those Insta stories before you want to try one of her dishes yourself. But where to begin? Here are a few of our favorites.¨

This grilled cheese spin is exactly why we love Chrissy. The concept couldn’t be easier: just press some sliced jalapeños and Parmesan cheese into the sides of buttered bread before grilling the sandwich. Takes ten seconds, but your meal will be cooler-looking and better-tasting when you make the switch.

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