Enlightened Released A Ton Of Keto-Friendly Ice Cream Bars You Can Buy Right Now


OK, so you’ve probably noticed that more and more “non-keto” foods are getting a fabulous keto makeover. Carby foods like bread and candy are being made into keto-approved versions. Though a new keto drop may not be news to you, these new keto ice cream bars from Enlightened take it to a whole new level.

If this is all sounding a bit like deja vu to you, that’s because Enlightened also dropped a line of Keto-friendly ice cream pints last month. Enlightened also told us that the pints quickly became their best-selling products, with over 1,000 sold every single day online. If that’s any indication, you may wanna act fast because, in case you didn’t see before, Marshmallow Peanut Butter keto-friendly ice cream bars! I mean…come on!

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